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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated February 3rd, 2020


When I have new dolls available, I will post the link to their page at the top of my home page.

Dwayne vinyl kits are available click on the store link above.

I work Monday through Friday with the dolls, and the weekend and holidays I spend with my family. I do not answer e-mails on the weekends or on holidays so I can enjoy time with my family. I will resume answering e-mails Monday. I have disabled Facebook Messenger on all my personal devices and I will answer business related messages only by email when I am in my studio Monday-Friday.

You can contact me through my Facebook Page.


I make silicone doll editions, completed babies and I make silicone kit editions, blank kits without paint or hair that other artists complete.

All my previous doll editions are sold out and that means I will never make them again. I am working on a new Doll edition. I am also working on a new silicone kit edition, Willow awake. I am making the prototypes. I am not taking orders for this edition, like my other dolls in the recent past, the prototypes, the completed dolls made by me, will be put up for sale when they are finished and ready to go home.

Click here for all the information available for the Willow Silicone Kit

Previous silicone kit editions are sold out.

To be notified when I have doll or kit editions available please subscribe to my mailing list.


What type of silicone do you use for your dolls and kits?

My goal is to make the highest quality silicone dolls available to collectors. This high quality over the years of creating quality  silicone dolls has been consistent, and speaks for itself since I started making silicone dolls in 2007.   My silicone dolls are made of 100% platinum cure SmoothOn silicone because I trust their products, and I feel they provide the best quality silicone. I'm happy to say all the silicone, and accessories such as the paints, pigments, solvents, and the matting agents I use while making my dolls are all Smooth on materials. 

All the silicone dolls are made completely by me, I sculpt them from a lump of clay, I mold them, I paint them, I root them. I use the best quality German glass eyes, and the best angora mohair available to me from various suppliers. I am inspired by the work of the creator and the beauty I see in his creation. I specifically focus on making babies because of the hope, joy and wonder new life brings. I do my best to make my silicone babies as realistic as possible by paying attention to the tiniest details. And I think you will be happy when you bring home a Claire Taylor Doll.


How do I get one of your dolls?

When I complete a new doll, I put it up for sale. I don't take orders, and I don't do custom dolls. I will list dolls when they are ready to be shipped. I put the information about how to purchase each doll on their page. Sometimes I also post the information on my FaceBook page and other doll forums. You can click on the doll's pictures on my home page to see how I have sold dolls in the past.

I ship dolls after when they are paid in full and all the funds are cleared.


Can you recommend a silicone painter?

I have not had the personal experience of having a silicone kit custom painted for me, therefore I can not give any valuable advice. I think you should ask a collector who has more experience than me in the matter. I think these are some things you might ask a collector who has a doll you admire that's made from a kit. I'd ask who painted the kit, how long the artist said they would have to wait for their kit to be painted and how long they actually had to wait when the artist had the kit. Maybe, how much they like the painting and if there are any paint or matting issues; specifically about how the details that matter to you are painted, eyebrows or fingers and so on. Ask how long they have had the doll in their collection and if they would be excited to send another kit to that artist for painting and their favorite thing about the doll. Also ask if they like the hair, if the artist roots the hair or will you have to find another artist to root the doll.


Why don’t you use eBay any more?

Simple answer, I can't use eBay because it is unproductive for me because the sales do not come to fruition.

I love eBay and think it is a great tool. I have used eBay for 18 years, and it is my favorite place to offer my dolls. Unfortunately within the last couple years it became increasingly more difficult to sell on eBay. It’s not because of the final value fees, I understand and I am willing to pay for using eBay's platform but it became obvious to me that no matter how much I love eBay I would have to unfortunately refrain from using the best platform to offer my babies to the mommies who really wanted to adopt them.

I used to auction my dolls on eBay for over 12 years and I would love to continue to do my auctions on eBay, but unfortunately there are people who deliberately ruin my auctions repeatedly in different ways, so I am literally wasting my time by listing a doll on eBay

~~~people bid and then they do not pay.

~~~people bid many times and push the bids up to a ridiculous amount, and then cancel the bids , and then they do it again to manipulate the auction to their advantage.

~~~People with high positive feedback bid, win, and then they don't pay.

~~~When I go through the process eBay has for penalizing the non paying bidder the doll can be held in limbo unable to be sold for weeks. If I simply cancel the transaction and re-list immediately and avoid the penalty system, then the persons responsible continues to repeat this type of behavior. The penalty process that doesn't matter because persons doing this type of behavior use many different eBay IDs.

~~~ I blocked bidders who did these things, and then 0 bidders who made new accounts during the auction would bid at the last moment and make a extremely high bid and then not pay.

~~Those are just a few reasons, and these things happened multiple times, and repeatedly on every auction. This make it impossible to sell on eBay. Who does it? Dishonest people, Why? I don't know, and I could speculate continually, but I do think they are doing it for dishonest reasons.

~~~If something happens once then I can say it was an isolated incident, twice, maybe just bad luck, but repeatedly over and over, over a period of time, then it is obvious it is not a coincidence, so I am wasting my time if I use eBay.


Why don’t you tell the final price when you take offers?

All purchase transactions I do with collectors are private and confidential. I do not share anyones private information. It is up to the collector to chose to share or not share.



~~I have collectors who love my babies all over the world. I have decided to take offers on my dolls for a set period of time because that gives everyone a fair chance to purchase a doll.

~~if you want to make an offer, you decide what you would like to pay for the baby doll and if it is above the minimum price I have posted on the doll's page, you can contact me to make an offer by following the instructions posted on the doll's web-page.

~I take offers over the minimum price posted on the doll’s web-page.
All the offers are private and confidential.


When will you have a new dolls available?

Life is unpredictable and I can't adhere to a strict production schedule for my dolls. Please subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when dolls and the kits are ready.

When I have the new babies available and ready to ship, I will introduce them and put the link to their page on my home page.

Make sure to subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when I have the new babies are available.


Do you make Custom Dolls?

No, I do not take custom doll orders.


Do you make custom Portrait Dolls?

No I do not take custom portrait doll orders.


How do I Place an Order?

I will not be taking any more orders. I prefer to make dolls and then I put them up for sale. That way collectors see the doll completed before they purchase the doll. I make a variety of dolls to meet many different collectors preferences.


What is the price of your dolls?How much does one of your dolls cost?

I'm sorry I don't have a set price for dolls, because each doll is unique and different. However, when I have dolls available, I will post the information on my website and send an email to my mailing list. The listing will include all the purchasing information.  After I have listed the doll on my website, I will send an email to my email subscribers.  Click the link at the top of the page to subscribe to my mailing list.

Can you replace a lost certificate for one of your dolls?

No, I am sorry I will not replace a certificate for any dolls from my doll editions or kit editions.


Can I order one of Lilianne Breedveld's kits from you?

Lilianne handles all the orders for her editions. Yes, the kits are poured here in my studio, but I am just the pourer. I only pour kits when receive an orders from Lilianne directly. Please contact Lilianne to order one of her kits.

Do you have any dolls available right now?

When I have new dolls or Kits available I usually put a link at the top of my home page


When Will You do another cloth body edition?

I don't know if I will or will not make one in the future.


How do I Place an Order?

I don't take orders. I make dolls and then I put them up for sale. Collectors see the doll completed before they purchase the doll. The instructions to purchase a doll will be on the doll's page. I make a variety of dolls to meet many different collectors preferences. I make my dolls as realistic as I possibly can and I make various ethnicity, and use various eye color and hair colors.


Can you do a portrait dolls?

Although I love to do portrait dolls, but I do not do custom portrait dolls.


I know the doll is sold out, but can you make more

in the future and how much will it cost?

When a doll edition is Sold Out, I do not make more. Cost is not a factor, I don't make more of the dolls after I have closed an edition.


Do you offer re-matting services? Do you repair dolls?

I DO NOT offer re-matting services or spa days or for silicone dolls, I do no not receive dolls to check them over to see if they are in pristine condition. I have been making silicone dolls since 2007, so it's 13 years of doll editions. Recently I have been getting requests to re-mat or repaint dolls that were made 7- 10 years ago. I cannot offer services to repaint the dolls from past editions to be like my new dolls. There is just not enough time to include that service in my schedule. It is impossible for me to keep all past editions like new and also make new dolls also. My focus right now is on making new dolls.

When I make a doll, I stand by my work, and if there is a defect in a doll when a collector receives it, I will fix it for the FIRST owner of the doll if I am contacted within a reasonable time, and the doll has not been obviously damaged by the collector. If the doll has been damaged because of rough handling or if the doll is not altered in any way, I will not repair the doll.

I do not fix dolls made by other artists.

I have not control over the way each collectors uses or handles their dolls.... therefore

I am not responsible for dolls bought on the secondary market.

I am not obligated to fix a doll bought on the secondary market.

I do not do complimentary repairs my older dolls bought on the secondary market.

I do not do upgrades and add new features to older edition dolls.

I will not fix damage done to a doll by a previous owner


Do you custom paint dolls?

I do not do any custom painting any more of my doll kits or doll kits poured by other artists.


I can not afford your dolls, will you reduce the price?



Will you do a lay away on your dolls or silicone kits?

Yes I offer lay away on silicone doll kits. for silicone dolls check on the dolls page to see lay away information for that particular doll.


Can I purchase a doll with a payment plan? Can I have the doll while making weekly or monthly payments?

I am just an artist working alone at home, I'm not a big company and I don't have the resources to do credit checks. My policy is no doll shipped until it is paid in full. I can not change that policy because people sometimes for various reasons are not able to follow through with their financial obligations. Although you may have impeccable intentions and will follow through, I have no way of knowing that.  I have no way of discernment in financial matters so I can not offer that service.

In a situation where you would like to have the doll while you are paying it off, I recommend you use PayPal. PayPal is a reputable financial institution that has the resources to do credit checks  and decide who they can extend credit to you. I also encourage collectors to use PayPal, because they offer PayPal credit or BILL ME LATER in situations where I cant. When PayPal approves you for bill me later PayPal provides the funds for you to pay for the doll then I will ship the doll to you so you can enjoy your doll while you are making the payments to PayPal.


Can you make me a doll that drinks and wets and cries and poops?

because of collectors requesting it I do offer drink and wet dolls, but I do not offer these crying and pooping dolls.


Do you do trades?

No, I don't do trades.


How long have you been making dolls?

I started making dolls in 1982. I started making my own molds in 1985. I started making silicone dolls in 2007. I started pouring my own silicone molds in 2008.


Do you offer mold making services?


Do you do any tutorials or teach doll making?

No I make dolls, I do not teach and I do not offer tutorials. 


Do you ship Internationally?

Yes I do ship internationally, but you will be responsible for all Customs charges and taxes charged by your country.

I am not familiar with the customs laws of each respective country, so if there is a particular way you need your doll declared or any restricted items that I can not ship to you because of your import restrictions, to avoid problems please make me aware before I ship your baby.

How long does it take to get a response to an email?

I work Monday through Friday with the dolls, and the weekend I spend with my family. I do not answer e-mails on the weekends in order to devote more time with my family.  I will resume answering e-mails Monday.

I feel it necessary that I answer all my emails personally because it is the only way to maintain contact with the collectors and really know their needs. So Please if you have questions and can not find the answers here contact me directly at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I get lots of emails daily and sometimes it takes a few days for me to get back to you, but I will as soon as I can.

I will update this page occasionally as needed.




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