Jun Jie

Jun-Jie is now available. There will be 2 artist proofs, 20 spots available
Jun-Jie will poured in platinum silicone by me Claire. Like my other silicone dolls his silicone will not shiny but matte, and smooth like real baby skin , and I also root Jun-Jie personally
He has full legs and arms, and is a full size baby, measures 22” with his legs curled up. He has a 15" head circumference and is a very chubby baby. Jun-Jie has a custom made with a weighted doe suede body, and will be poured in an Asian skin tone.

Completed babies are $1,500 shipped in the USA and additional shipping of $35 internationally.

Please feel free to contect me with any questions or concerns, or concerns

If you are interested in Jun-Jie, Please contact me to be placed on my mailing list and I will send you notice of Jun-Jie as dolls become avaiable. I will allow short lay away for the balance if needed
on completed dolls, but no lay away deposits will be refunded if the lay away is not completed.